March Design Tip Of The Month

 March 2012 Design Tip Of The Month

Jewel Box Powder Room


The term powder room dates back to the early 18th century, when it was used to refer to a closet-sized room where people went to have their wigs re-powdered. A white wig was a sign of status, so a powder room was a very important room back in the day! Today, we generally define a powder room as a small bathroom (or half bath) that contains only a sink and a toilet. No wigs necessary. If you have a small powder room don’t fret! There is much you can do with this small space.

Most clients who have such a space paint it a neutral color and decorate it with monochromatic accessories thinking this will give the illusion of a larger space. WRONG! Don’t be afraid of color or bold patterns.

For instance, one of my clients had a space which was approximately six feet by six feet. There was no natural lighting but they desired something dramatic. I painted the ceiling red, yes red! I wrapped the walls in a blanket of black and cream toile de jouy wall paper and accessorized with ruby red towels. An ornate crystal framed mirror hung over a simple black marble floating sink, and a small crystal chandelier suspended from the ceiling. Then, ta-da! It resembled a jewel box, small but charming nonetheless.

In another bathroom which was about five feet by five feet,  I took inspiration from an argyle sock. Yes, you read it right, a sock. I painted diamonds using a flat finish, alternating with a high gloss finish two shades darker for a dramatic look. Small rosette furniture tacks were nailed in the wall in the corners of the diamonds. With the use of small mirrors in varying shades of gold and bronze the room appears larger.  And yet another jewel box created.

Small spaces can be beautiful and dramatic if you aren’t afraid to think outside of the jewelry box!


Because as we say, design matters!

March 2012 Design Tip Of The Month

March 2012 Design Tip Of The Month