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April Design Tip Of The Month:

Painting Murals

Wake your inner Da Vinci!

 With a little help from an inexpensive projector, the artist within you will shine. A few years ago I went to a craft store and purchased an Artograph Tracer® Projector  for fifty dollars.

 For a girl who draws like a cavewoman, this was a smart purchase.  These small projectors are not only inexpensive, they really do work! I found the image I wanted to paint on my dining room wall, printing it to fit underneath the projector.

 I sketched the image on the wall with a pencil and used inexpensive acrylic paint for the mural. It really was that simple!  Two hours later, the Italian countryside was in my dining room and my husband liked the fact I just saved him hundreds of dollars.

Although I don’t paint murals for my clients, I give them ideas of what to paint, helping them select images for the design.  If you are a more primitive painter such as I,  start with simple images first and go from there.

 A client who was going to have her first baby decided to paint zoo animals on the nursery walls. We choose images of a monkey, giraffe and a very fat hippo. The hippo was so fat we decided to paint half of him on one wall, folding over to the other wall, so he was painted in a corner.  Trees and rocks were added when she gained some confidence in her painting skills, and she even painted a few flying parrots on the ceiling. It was turned out really adorable! She was proud of what she didn’t know she could do, with a little help from a projector.

 What little girl wouldn’t like to sleep in an enchanted forest? This is easily done! Let me tell you how:

 Find several images of different trees, some slender, some with a thicker foliage. Paint these trees on the walls, and be sure that some reach the up and on to the ceiling! Use several shades of browns and greens for the bark and leafs. Next, buy silk flowers in varying colors and sizes, choosing one type of flower per tree. You may decide not to flower all of the trees, leaving some bare. Glue the silk flowers to the wall using a hot glue gun. Drape yards of flowing white gauze over the princess’s bed…you can do this by screwing hooks into the ceiling (the four corners of the bed) and use rings to pass the fabric through, hanging the rings from the hooks.

Who would know it would be so easy to create spring? And just in time for spring! Have fun with this project, Da Vinci.

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